Products & Offering

Our extensive experiences in engineering material knowledge allows us to work with your design team in various platform materials such as Epoxies, Silicones, Polyurethanes, Hybrid Chemistries, etc in many of the applications in our targeted markets.

Our dedicated team has accumulated tremendous experience in the market place in Semiconductor Packaging, Industrial & Consumers, Opto Electronics, Medical and Auto Electronics over the last twenty years. 

Semiconductor Packaging Solution


  • Die Attach Paste and Film
  • First Level Thermal Management
  • Soldering and Wire 
  • EMI Shielding
  • Sintering Material
  • Bonding Wire

Assembly Solution

  • Conductive and Non Conductive Adhesives  
  • Encapsulation & Underfill
  • Ink & Coating
  • Board level Soldering solution
  • PCB Protection
  • Thermal management and EMI Solution
  • Low Pressure Molding
  • Ceramic substrates
  • Thick Film Materials
  • In-mold & Out-of-mold Bonding
  • Vibration Isolators

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PSI Wafer Probing System and IDI Test Sockets & Probes

logo idi descriptionsMaterial Technology represent Probing Solultions Inc. for their wafer prober, photomask inspection, board tester and vacuum/magnetic maniputor. Material Technology also represents Interconnect Devices, Inc. (IDI), a leading provider of spring contact probe based technologies, including connectors, advanced semiconductor test sockets, ATE interfaces and spring contact probesIDI is a leading manufacturer of high performance test sockets for virtually any package. Our socket designs, utilize IDI's proprietary spring probe technology which provide high cycle life, consistent contact resistances, and bandwidths greater than 20 GHz even at wafer level pitches.

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Other Products

other productsWith extensive knowledge on electronic and engineering materials, Material Technology serves efficiently whenever there is any enquiry to find the right material for your application.

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