TRA-CON (Rebranded as LOCTITE Ablestik)

TRA-CON offers the industry's widest selection of fiberoptic, electro-optic and laser adhesives as well as casting polymers.

Microelectronic applications can have some of the most stringent and demanding specifications, TRA-CON has developed materials to consistently meet these requirements which have become standards in the industry.

Proven adhesive systems for medical applications ranging from sophisticated medical imaging and monitoring equipment to catheters, probes, guide wires and other medical devices are also available from TRA-CON.

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  • Tra-bondTM
  • Tra-coatTM
  • Tra-ductTM
  • Tra-castTM
  • Tra-padTM
  • Tra-greaseTM
  • SuperthermTM


  • Electrically conductive adhesives / coatings
  • Die-attach adhesives