Acheson is a global supplier of specialty electrical materials, specialty coatings, process lubricants, and lubricant application equipment for use in countless applications throughout the electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and other industries since 1908.

With more than three decades of research and development into the formulation of high performance inks and coatings, Acheson brand products lead the electronics industry in advanced materials such as polymer thick films and high-speed printable conductive coatings.

Acheson DAG offers a complete product line of high quality graphite and carbon coatings and dispersions for today's electronics and energy storage devices.

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  • Electrodag®
  • Lumidag®
  • Minico®


  • Polymer Thick Film Conductive Inks
  • ECG and EKG Electrode Inks
  • Flexible Circuit Inks
  • Printed Circuit Board Inks
  • Printed Potentiometer Inks
  • Printed Resistor and Heating Element Inks
  • RFID Antenna Inks
  • Touch Screens
  • EMI Shielding Coatings