Technomelt is widely recognized as an industry leader in low-pressure molding compounds.

These thermoplastic hotmelts use extremely low pressure to effectively encapsulate even the most delicate circuitry. Technomelt cycle time is fast and processing temperatures are a modest 130 to 240°C, with in-use temperatures ranging from –40 to +140°C. As compared to traditional potting and encapsulating processes, Technomelt is superior, offering short cycle times, low-pressure molding and maximum yield with minimal material waste, without damaging delicate circuitry.

Technomelt low-pressure molding occupies the niche between injection molding and potting. It is basically injection molding at very low pressures with hotmelt adhesives. The process is fast, simple and clean: just insert electronics, overmold, and test.

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  • Macromelt® OM (Polyamide)
  • Macromelt® Q (Polyolefin)
  • Macroplast® QR (Reactive Polyurethane)


  • PCB Encapsulation
  • Sensors and Switches
  • Inductive Elements
  • Connectors
  • Watertight Sealing
  • Strain Relief
  • Battery Molding for Mobile Devices