PPG (Cuming Microwave)

Cuming Microwave Corporation, part of PPG Aerospace, is a globally recognized supplier of Microwave Absorbers, Radar Absorbers, Dielectric Materials, Anechoic Chambers, EMC Chambers for the Defense, Electronic, Telecom, Medical & Automotive Industries – A Complete Line of standard and custom EM Absorbers.

Cuming Microwave has a full line of microwave absorber, radar absorber, anechoic chamber and dielectric materials. Their absorbers have been used in many demanding applications from suppression of unwanted resonances in electronic housings to radar cross section reduction on military platforms. They have a wide variety of microwave absorbers and radar absorbers suited for aircraft, shipboard, electronics or RF testing.

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  • C-RAM ©
  • Rubber Sheet Microwave Absorbers
  • Carbon-Based Foam Microwave Absorbers
  • Anechoic Chamber Materials
  • Honeycomb & High Power Microwave Absorbers
  • Low Loss Dielectric Stock Materials
  • Sprayable Microwave Absorbers
  • Radomes & Radar-Absorbing Structures
  • Rigid and Castable Microwave Absorbers


  • Military
  • Communications
  • Medical
  • Energy
  • Aerospace